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Home Inspections

When I first started doing rentals there were basically two groups of agents, those who offered full property management and those who just offered basic tenant finding services. Not surprisingly they had substantial prices differences the the home owner.

As technology continues to improve landlords should expect more services at lower costs. One area that has benefited from technology, email and digital cameras is the ability to provide quick easy visual inspections on a property. Many of my landlords and well as those using other agents and those who do their own renting use me for quarterly visual inspections

During a routine quarterly visual inspection I photograph the property inside and out, check for visable hazards, leaks or tenant caused damaged and send a written report to both parties. This report includes a quarterly check of the interior humidty to avoid mold issues or even litigation  Additonally a check of the A C filter is provided.

Quarterly inspectons are $ 100.00 per year and include 4 inspections.