Rental Application | Atlantic County Rentals

There are a few important steps to renting.

  1. Once you have identified a property you may be interested in renting, do a drive by and make sure you like the setting, location, distance to shopping, work and other life events. If all those items match your needs it’s time to go to step 2.
  2. I use a two part application. The 1st part is a no cost application that tells the landlord a little bit about your past work and living history. If they like the application they will ask for a full credit and criminal check.
  3. If your application meets with the landlords requirements, they will ask for a full credit and ciminal check. DO NOT SPEND THE MONEY ON THIS UNTIL THE LANDLORD HAS REVIEWED YOUR NO COST APPLICATION. 

Here is the link to the No Cost Application: No Cost Application

Here is the link to the paid credit and criminal report to be done after the landlord has reviewed your applicaton: Full Applicaton