South Jersey Painters

We paint! We paint a lot! Much of our interior painting is for our landlords and their vacant rentals and turnovers. As well we paint for plenty of homeowners, home sellers and new move in’s. 

We pride ourselves and our painting services because we work with the customer to get to the best product on the walls. We primarily use Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams paints.

We rarely use flat paints and we don’t water down our paint like some painters. Our go to finishes are eg-shell, satin and pearl. We believe those finishes are more durable and provide for a better long lasting paint job.

We try to avoid basic paints that contain a lot of clay. In many of our jobs our go to paints are Benjamin Moore Ultra Spec and Regal Select, Sherwin Williams Cashmere and Sherwin Williams Super Paints. These cost a bit more but the durability is worth it.

We operate under two levels of service: Rental and Owner Occupied. Owner occupied is per quote. Base prices for painting a vacant rental with 8′ ceilings are as follows:
4 Bedroom Walls $ 225.00
1 Bedroom Ceiling $ 125.00
1 Bedroom Baseboards, Jambs, Doors $ 125.00

Need it fast? We can turn your scuffed up bedroom into a freshly painted room fast. Call the paint crew. 609-470-1806.

There’s no skimping with the paint crew. We’ve gone through plenty of painters who can’t make the grade to get to a “no skimp” paint job. We use plenty of drop cloths, tape, tarps, quality roller cover and brushes.